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“Behavior Changes Needed for Better Human Society: At Personal & Organizational Level”


Human behavior is the potential and expressed capacity (mentally, physically, and socially) of human individuals or groups to respond to internal and external stimuli throughout their lives.

While specific traits of one’s personality, temperament, and genetics may be more consistent, other behaviors change as one moves between life stages, from birth through adolescence, adulthood, and, for example, parenthood and retirement.

Why do Today’s humans need to change their behavior?

In the modern era, we can expect modern human behavior to be so much better than ancient society, but the actual scenario is different. People are so much more greedy and selfish rather than before.

In Islam, we read about a time of brutal era called “Aiyeme Jahiliya” or “Dark Time”, when the best human of all time, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), came and removed all the darkness with his dawa of peace and by spreading the message of the Holy Quran.

But, today, after 1400 years of his era, when the number of religious people is far greater than before, unexpectedly we are seeing a “Modern Aiyeme Jahiliya” or “Darkest Time of the World Under Modern Lighting”.

We are the best creations of God.

Our behavior should be the best in the world. Nobody will get harmed by us, whether they be man or woman or animal or can be a part of the environment.

But, the scenario is totally different from our personal life to our professional.

We are running to an unknown destination, fueled by the greediness of success.

‘The sky is the limit’ is one of the most destructive quotes in the world of fake motivation.

People now less care about his/her family, they need money rather than happiness.

People think that ‘money is the second God’!!!

For professional or personal benefits, both men & women are involved in crime.

Political parties are always blaming one another and creating riots among their followers only for the Power of the Governess.

Nations are involved in war, whether it could be by arms or by money or by other things just to create a better position in the world.

“Alas !!! Minds have become ruining, Bodies are just rotting, Blood is just flowing, and the World become so-called modernizing.”

These cannot be the behavior of the best creation. Therefore, we need to change our behavior in both personal & professional life.

How can we bring change in our personal life’s behavior?

Well, some behavior is our habits, like our beliefs, our food, our dresses, and our like, etc.

Whatever your behavior the first rule for being a good human being, is to keep some ethics in mind,

& the principle of ethics should be “Do not hurt anybody, ”Anybody means anybody, whoever it is.

At first, Ethics is the need for better human behavior.& for having good ethics in mind you should be religious.

An honestly practicing religious person never can do any harm to anybody, even if he/she forgives their enemies.

Whatever your religion you should obey them fully with belief.

Ethics come from Religion, & becoming Religious is the first basic need for better human behavior.

The second one is giving priority to family.

Our personal life means our family life, should be the first priority then money, then career, then any other success in the world.

Because if you lose your family just because of some fake assets of the world, you will be in the serial of the world’s biggest loser soon.

Every day has a night; every night has family, if you don’t maintain the family you will lose more than half of your life.

The third one is that truthfulness is one of man’s great virtues.

Become truthful & fair, at least to your own gang, own family, own people. Otherwise, no one believe you, and no one will trust you.

Truthfulness is much needed to maintain a good family life.

So, if we can practice the above four things, 1) Ethics 2) Religion 3) Family Priority 4) Truthfulness.

We can add better human behavior in our personal life.

How can we behave better behavior in Organizational Life?

A quote in English, “Courtesy begets Courtesy”.

In professional life first, you must show courtesy to all the stakeholders,

because, “All doors open to courtesy.” (Thomas Fuller).

Secondly, practicing Ethics is also here.

You must judge what is right, and who is right.

Never become bias & prejudice.

Thirdly, choose the right leader & maintain the hierarchy.

Most of the time it is difficult to choose the right leader for an employee rather than if are not an employer.

But, at least we have to maintain the hierarchy of the organization until not find the better leader.

As a businessperson, you should make your personality an idol,

so that the organization’s members have become happy for getting a good leader.

Fourth, Goal Set.

If you do not have a goal, you are just playing a worthless game & wasting your time.

Fifth, Planning, is a much-needed step for better organizational behavior.

Because Goals and plans are just supplements of each other.

Sixth, Positive Attitude,

“Life is not a bed of roses and your workplace also obviously not” When some negativity comes,

we have to tackle or adjust by our positive reinforcement of mind & brain.

Seven, become Pro-Active rather than Re-Active.

Forget the benefit of your work, see the future, and act like you are a partner of the organization.

Eighth, know about “Do’s & Don’ts”.

Know & obey the organization’s rules & regulations. Be clear about what you are allowed to do, and what you are don’t.

Ninth, Motivate, not Dictate,

Always motivate yourself & talk motivational words with your team members, never dictate themselves.

Tenth, Be Grateful to Your Organization,

& love the organization from the heart.

Because it’s your way to feed you & your family.

Eleventh, Don’t Gossip & blame others for your failure.

You are worse it doesn’t mean the others are also.

Don’t gossip about other’s failure or their mistakes.

Twelfth, Please Don’t Take Anything Personally.

Whatever happens in your workplace it is just a part of your work or your organization.

Don’t take anything personally & Please don’t involved in anyone’s personal life & don’t use anyone personal life’s gossip as your tool to attack him/her.

Last, but not the list, Don’t involved in office politics & spread hatred about anyone.

This is the most offensive crime that occurs in an organization.

Just to show your performance & better position, please don’t harm anybody, and don’t make false accusations to anybody.

It may be the cause of anyone’s job loss, it may be the cause of a family’s crisis.

Please don’t do that.

It may be the cause of anyone’s suicide.

It’s a crime like an attempt to murder anyone.

Prove yourself very clear & fair to all the members of the organization.

& If you think that your current organization does not match you,

just change the organization not by disturbing any people.

I hope that. my above discussion will help to change our behavior, which is much needed for our society & organization.

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